Innovative Telematics Projects Shaping

Myanmar’s Future

From Urban Mobility to Emergency Services – Our Technology Makes a Difference

Discover B’smart Myanmar’s flagship projects, each a case study in innovation, efficiency, and dedication. Our telematics solutions have not only transformed industries but have also impacted daily life, setting new standards across various sectors in Myanmar.

Revolutionizing Public Transportation

In 2017, we initiated a landmark project with the Yangon Bus Operator to transform Yangon’s public transportation system. Equipping buses with B’smart’s advanced telematics has enhanced operational efficiency, improved safety, and ushered in a new era of public transit in Myanmar.


Ministry of Construction & Highway Police Force

This project, launched in 2015, is a pioneering effort to enhance safety on the Yangon-Mandalay Expressway. Our telematics systems offer real-time speed monitoring, unauthorized stoppage detection, and geofencing compliance.


Pioneering Emergency Response in Myanmar

Launched in 2016 within Nay Pyi Taw’s 1000-bedded hospital complex, the EMS 192 Call Center represents a transformative moment in Myanmar’s healthcare services.


Telematics-Powered Efficiency for Parami Taxi

Parami Taxi, with a fleet of 242 vehicles, integrates our telematics to ensure efficiency and passenger satisfaction.


Telematics for Fleet Optimization for Lotte MGS

Lotte MGS Beverages Myanmar, with a fleet of 143 vehicles, Lotte MGS Beverages Myanmar utilizes our telematics for the efficient distribution of PepsiCo products.


Setting Logistics Standards with B’smart Myanmar

Royal Express Myanmar sets the standard in express delivery services through the integration of our telematics solutions.


Precision in Fuel Supply : Telematics Advantages

Moon Sun Trading Co., Ltd ensures precise and timely fuel deliveries with our telematics-equipped fleet of 44 tanker trucks.


Fueling Efficiency with Telematics

Petrol Star Co., Ltd, with a modern fleet of 42 vehicles, is committed to exceptional delivery services to filling stations across Myanmar. B’smart Myanmar’s telematics solutions play a pivotal role in streamlining their operations.